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This is Maude's third album exploring The Great American Songbook. The critics, mom and dad, their children, and now their children's children have discovered this amazing singer of songs. She will break your heart and you'll thank her. There's RAGTIME too! The "joint's jumpin'"!

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MAUDE MAGGART: With Sweet Despair 

The heartbreaking voice of Maude Maggart breathes new life into classic and contemporary American standards. She is accompanied by piano and strings.

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MAUDE MAGGART: Look For The Silver Lining 


This debut CD of Maude Maggart's is a collection of songs written in the 1920's, beautifully interpreted through Miss Maggart's haunting and ethereal voice.

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"Beautiful, poised, intelligent and gently humorous, Ms. Maggart delivers songs as sustained ethereal sighs. There are ghosts living inside a voice whose pinwheeling vibrato evokes a blend of operetta and gramophone styles buffed with a contemporary understanding. Kate Bush or Tori Amos might sound like this if they burrowed into the past and dug up its treasures as lovingly as Ms. Maggart does."

- Stephen Holden: THE NEW YORK TIMES


" Maggart's beautiful re-creation of the past can be glimpsed the future of cabaret."

- Adam Feldman: TIME OUT NEW YORK




MAUDE MAGGART is the 2005 recipient of the Time Out New York MAC Award for Special Achievement in Cabaret, and the MAC award for Best Female Debut.

Did you miss Maude with Garrison Keillor for a second time on "A Prarie Home Companion" at the Hollywood Bowl. Go here to listen to the show again! Or here for the April 2nd show at Town Hall in NYC.



A Personal Note:

Maude Maggart has been singing and performing all of her life, including ballet performances, but her Cabaret career got started at Tom Rolla's The Gardenia Supperclub in Los Angeles, California. It was here that she began to hone her craft at MaryJo Mundy's legendary "Mundy On Tuesdays" and developed a legion of devoted fans and friends. It was also here that she began to explore the world of American popular song which is a hallmark of her cabaret act today.

If you have not yet heard Maude Maggart sing I envy you the moment of discovery because there is nothing quite like the very first time you realize what a talent she is. Then again there is also nothing quite like every single time after.

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